No Plan For Aviation

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Listen to Cork pilots outline the lack of plan for the aviation industry on Redfm below.

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2 Responses

  1. Our future, livelihoods & our income is being destroyed right now.
    The blame can be INDIRECTLY associated with the covid 19 pandemic, but can be DIRECTLY blamed on @eamonryanTD & @donnellystephenTD along with some others for their lack of common sense, deaf ears & obvious
    lack of responsibility for the proposed future loss of 140K jobs.
    If they care to consider Some European airline flight stats Tonight at 10pm….
    British Airways……26 flights airborne
    Air France………….35 flights airborne
    KLM………………….62 flights airborne
    Aer Lingus…………NIL flights airborne

    The problem obviously lies squarely with our lack of (or non existence of) robust border health control & not the transport sector. Mandatory rapid antigen testing on ALL borders would have us in a very different & less restricted state since last year. Instead of facing the ‘elephant in the room’ we resign ourselves to an unending viscous cycle.

    1. For sure the airline industry is in trouble pilots license will run out if they don’t fly the aircraft will need major work on them if they were just left sitting publick won’t want to fly on aircraft that have been parked with pilots that have not worked for years

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