ISME In Strong Attack On Members Of NPHET On Their Comments On Antigen Testing

Dear Mr Donnelly,

I am writing to you to express the serious concerns of the ISME National Council at the remarks of the Chief Medical Officer at a press conference on Friday evening, 7th May. Dr Holohan referred to “a lot of claims” about antigen testing, that could lead to “inappropriate reassurance” in a situation where a person could “go into a supermarket and buy, for example, you know, a pound of sausages and charcoal for a barbecue and an antigen test and think, great…”

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Our Journey

Irish aviation has a long and proud history. From the landing in Connemara of Alcock and Brown’s first transatlantic flight in 1919, it has been

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An Open Letter

This is a letter we received from a pilot living in Ireland. They have asked us to retain their identity which we will of course

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