Recover Irish Aviation was founded by a group of aviation professionals in order to provide a voice for the aviation community in Ireland following the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aviation workers in Ireland have suffered loss of employment and drastically reduced salaries. Despite these setbacks, the aviation community has worked tirelessly during the pandemic to provide critical access to medicines, PPE, high-tech equipment and vaccines.

We believe that our industry will be vital to providing a brighter future once this crisis has ended. It has been disheartening for aviation workers to see the extensive negative commentary directed at air travel. Much of this commentary is inaccurate and unjustified.

We seek, therefore, to use our voice to advocate for Irish aviation workers, and to ensure that Irish aviation survives this crisis. It must survive, so that it may contribute much needed future connectivity, investment and employment to our economy.

Aviation supports 143,000 jobs in Ireland and contributes €17 billion annually to our national GDP; from airlines and airports, maintenance and air-traffic control services, aircraft leasing, tourism and the supply chain. These jobs, and the families that they support, are under imminent threat.

Ireland’s world renowned and highly developed air connectivity has been a crucial factor in our country’s success in attracting and retaining Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). It transports billions of euro worth of manufactured goods and pharmaceuticals, and it connects our open economy to global markets. It has taken many decades to build up this connectivity, and mere months to lose it. It will be no easy task to rebuild the network that we have lost. 

Aviation is a thread that binds the social fabrics of Ireland, a nation scattered across the world and with travel embedded in its DNA. It keeps families together in times of joy and sorrow. For those who have chosen to move to Ireland, and for the sons and daughters of Ireland who have left her shores, it provides a vital link to home.

Ireland has a long and proud aviation history, an industry that has proven vital to the economic and social development of this country. If we are to recover our economy and build a better Ireland for all, we must ensure that Irish aviation survives this crisis.

Please follow us. Lend us your voice, and together we can Recover Irish Aviation.


A package of supports to address the financial damage that this crisis has inflicted upon all elements of the aviation sector. The Irish economy will not recover if Irish aviation does not survive. Significant support will be required to ensure this.


It will require extensive planning to re-build Irish air connectivity from current levels. We need a collaborative approach from all stakeholders so that the aviation sector will have a roadmap to work towards future recovery.

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